Month: October 2021

10 surprising mobile app stats

It’s no surprise that the number of smartphones in use is rising year after year. These devices, and the apps that have been developed for them, have transformed the lives of billions around the world. Mobile app stats are a fascinating window into the way we use our phones and the internet, and they reflect […]

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Software development in South Africa – a brief history

Like many other industries, software development in South Africa has been shaped by the country’s troubled past, its hopeful future and the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens. Under apartheid, access to personal computers was restricted among the non-white majority. When the ANC was elected in 1994, the party saw information and communications technology as a

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Creating an ecommerce app

eCommerce is a huge industry, and a large portion of ecommerce purchases are made via apps rather than websites these days. The benefits of developing an ecommerce app for your business include: Brand awareness – Users are reminded of your brand when they see your icon on their phone or when they receive a notification.

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