3 Best Content Management Systems for Your Website Design

content management systems for your website

Websites need to be updated constantly to keep them relevant, fresh and help with their ranking in search engines. Which is why a content management system or CMS is vital for business owners. There are many CMS available on the market but it’s important to choose the one that’s perfect for your business. So here are the top three content management systems business owners typically use for the web development.


WordPress is a popular choice when it comes to choosing a CMS. It is believed that at least one-third of all websites online use WordPress as a platform. This is due to the many benefits it offers like being extremely user-friendly. It is quick and easy to find your way around the backend to make changes or add content.

There’s an auto update for WordPress as well as the plugins installed on your website, that completely eliminates the need to download any files. Another benefit of using WordPress is that there is a large online community with a wealth of resources to help should you get stuck.


While Drupal isn’t as popular as WordPress, it’s offered by many web designers. Being a 100% CMS, Drupal offers a multitude of additional modules with features such as blogs and profiles. And if you utilise third-party modules, web administrators or content managers will find it easy to create site clones.


Similar to Drupal, Joomla is also 100% CMS with extremely advanced features and functionalities. Development on this platform is relatively easy contrary to popular belief. If your content management needs are simple, it’s probably not the right platform to use due to its sophisticated nature. That said, the admin panel offers many intuitive features and is rather good looking. The only disadvantage to using Joomla is that the majority of its themes and plugins aren’t free.

Whichever platform you choose for your website development, just make sure you hire a professional like Netgen that will give you the results you want. For more information or a free consultation, speak to the team today.