3 Tips for Hiring a Professional Mobile App Developer on a Budget

As you might already be aware, a mobile app can be greatly beneficial to your business. Not only will it afford your customers excellent 24/7 customer service, but it will also give you the opportunity to effortlessly provide them with special offers and notify them of sales. While these are excellent reasons to develop a mobile app, the biggest reason for most businesses is typically due to the fact that it affords them with an additional income stream.

That’s right, you can make money from your mobile app in various ways such as putting a download price on it. Alternatively, you can offer in-app purchases or a subscription service. The route you take will depend on your product or service type as well as your objective.

Developing an app isn’t exactly cheap since there’s a lot of design and testing work involved by highly skilled and qualified developers. But it doesn’t have to break the bank if you stick with these simple tips.

1. Choose One Platform to Start With
iOS, Android and Windows are the primary platforms and while it would be great to have your app available on each and every platform, it costs money. For starters, pick one platform and once your app starts to make money, use it to expand to the others.

2. Hire a Credible Developer
When you hire an amateur, your app won’t be up to standard which means you’ll have to hire a professional to fix it, costing you more money. The team at Netgen has been around for 18 years, so if it’s experience you need and skill, we’ve got it!

3. Be Clear About Your Budget
Make sure your developer is aware of your budget and keep the lines of communication open. Netgen is more than willing to help you develop your mobile app according to your specific budget.

For more information on getting started with the best ios developer in Cape Town, give us a call for a free consultation.