4 Mobile Apps Created for Developers to Make Their Lives Easier

As a software developer, you need to be able to assist clients at any given time. Whether it’s for website updates or minor changes to mobile application projects, your clients are trusting you to offer them the best possible customer service. And since developers also have personal lives, contrary to popular belief, they need tools that will allow them to get the job done on-the-go.

Below are the top useful apps every developer loves and uses on a daily basis:

#1 JavaScript Anywhere

Created in 2010 with millions of excellent reviews from users around the world, this mobile app enables you to edit and execute HTML, JavaScript and CSS code on your Apple device and previewing changes in your browser. Also known as JSAny, it allows you to connect it to your Dropbox account and import current projects. The best part – this app is completely free!

#2 Working Copy

Also free, this app enables developers to access Git Repositories on the go. Now you can edit, copy, clone and push all you want, even if you’re offline!

#3 Pythonista

Pythonista is a comprehensive development setting for writing Python scripts on your iPhone or iPad. You can write anything from animations to games to plotting, automation scripts, image manipulation and custom user interfaces. The newest version includes module support, matplotlib, numpy as well as GUI improvements to build user interfaces.

#4 Prompt2

Prompt2 is one of many SSH tools available for iOS. It enables you to reboot your server on the go, or if you need to run a script unexpectedly. The latest version offers improved security, a new design and many others. While this app isn’t free, it definitely is a tool any developer could find useful.

The developing team at Netgen uses all the tools available to us in order to keep our clients satisfied. Even if it means we have to work on the go.

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