4 Reasons Why You Need Acronis Backup Software & Data Protection Solutions for Your Business

No business is above a security breach no matter how great you think your security software is. And if you don’t have the necessary back up software, you’ll lose years worth of data that you could have avoided with Acronis Data Protection and Backup software.

Below are four software solutions by Acronis you should consider for your business:

Backup Cloud

For the ultimate in corporate data protection, why not outsource your data to a credible MSP (managed service provider). They know everything about backup implementation procedures so you don’t have to. Don’t ever worry about managing storage somewhere off-site, instead offload management and maintenance to your cloud service provider.

Protect your data with an off-site copy. Remote corporate data backup will enable you to avoid the ramifications of destroying original data as well as backups in the event of a fire or malware infection.

Recovery Cloud

With the recovery cloud, you are able to recover any virtual, cloud or on-premise workload. This is a simple solution that will protect your business from losing all data with its quick recovery. Acronis guarantees secure storage at their certified cloud data centres.

Files Cloud

Similar to the Backup cloud, the files cloud protects your data with an off-site copy to avoid destroying backups and original data during a physical or digital disaster. Again you won’t ever have to stress about managing storage off-site and you can trust your cloud service provider with management and maintenance. Files Cloud offers a freshly designed user interface. The clean, modern layout takes user experience to a whole new level.

Notary Cloud

The notarization service allows customers to approve any type of files via an API or web console. A certificate will be generated that can be offered as verifiable proof of its validity. Documents can be signed electronically by both parties. Customers can verify from any type of device after the document is notarized or signed.

Protect your business the easy way! If you are interested in any of these services, you can get in touch with Netgen who is an authorized Acronis Service Provider.