4 Ideas To Make a Website Stand Out From Your Competitors

Any business should be unique and discover ideas to make a website stand out – It’s common knowledge that businesses big and small benefit from having an online presence. In this day and age, few people still use the yellow pages to find anything. If you’re looking for something, you find it on the internet – you Google it!

That said, just having any old website won’t help you much if it isn’t user-friendly, can’t be found or is simply boring. Which is why you need a professional like Netgen to help you think out of the box and develop an exceptional website that will crush your competition. Here are some ideas to make a website stand out and interesting to your visitors.

  1. Create a Blog

Ok, so maybe your competitors have blogs too but do they have good content? The best way to retain visitors is to keep your website content fresh and current. You can use your blog to showcase your most recent projects, give expert advice and offer interesting information your audience would be interested in.

  1. Get Creative with Your Website Navigation

It’s become more popular to give navigation pages unique titles instead of the cookie cutter menus we’re used to. These small changes make your potential customer more aware of your attention to detail and how your brand will benefit them.

  1. Add a Video Intro

By showcasing a relatable and likeable video, you immediately grab the attention of the visitor. A video is a great way to immediately differentiate your website since it gives personality to your brand.

  1. Use Quality Images

Websites with large images tend to convert to more sales. People are visual beings which means that visual stimuli make it easier for visitors to connect with you emotionally. To take it a step further, you can use personalised images instead of stock photos.

Make your website about your clients and customers. Communicate the value of your services in ways that will resonate with them. If you’re looking for a WordPress developer Cape Town, get in touch with the team at Netgen. Our designs are unique and our rates are competitive. And we’re really nice! Give us a call today!