5 Business Benefits Of Using Custom Software

There are so many benefits of custom software for a business, big or small. You can streamline just one element, like your invoicing process. Alternatively, you can automate your entire operation from employees clocking in and out to monitoring stock and even tracking leads all the way through your sales funnel.

Today, pretty much everything can be and is done on a computer or an app on a smartphone or tablet. Technology is also changing rapidly, meaning the software you get needs to be up to the task of keeping up. This is where custom software often wins the race. At Netgen, we work with you to build the solution you need today and make sure that it is futureproofed for where your company is going.

A custom solution works with you

Going for a custom software solution for your business will give you the edge because you get:

1. Long-term cost efficiency – The upfront expense may be steeper than a readymade option. However, a custom solution built to your exact needs will show a far greater Return on Investment (ROI) in the long run. From streamlining the way your company works and saving employees time to improving your ability to sell, software that’s built for you will give your business a boost.

2. Flexibility and scalability – No company stays the same – markets change, employees come and go, and the economy fluctuates. A well-designed bespoke application can be created for the way you work now, and grow as you grow.

3. Improved digital security – A custom programme that is unique to your company comes with a lower risk of being hacked. Mainstream software that can be purchased from any computer shop can be tested, probed and examined by cyber criminals, making the programmes more vulnerable to attacks.

4. Easier integration into existing systems – Unless you’re a brand-new business, or are prepared to throw everything out and start again, it’s likely that you already have some systems in place that you want to keep. A custom developer can look at what you have and create something that will work together with those systems. This will make integration a lot smoother and working more efficient.

5. Tech support – A system that has been designed for your business will be a lot easier to understand because you’ll have had a hand in creating it. You’ll also have direct access to the developer, who can explain how things work and ensure you get the most out of your software.

Benefits of a Netgen custom software business solution

At Netgen, we go one step further and are able to provide ongoing maintenance and updates to all of the software we create for our clients. We’ve also been doing it for 20 years, proving we can keep up with the constant evolvement of technology. Put our pedigree to the test and contact us today.

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