5 Excellent reasons to choose Netgen for every IT solution to suit your business and save your money.

  1. First and foremost, Netgen has a team of project managers who work alongside a talented young IT team collected over the seventeen years since its inception in 2000, bringing web developers, technical developers, mobile developers and specialists together under one roof, able to produce custom application software right here in South Africa. Support is a given with a company that is as stable as Netgen is, as many of their clients will happily utf8_general_ciify, and with interconnected offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg, clients throughout South Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the UK have direct access to this multi-faceted team of professionals.
  2. Most companies, irrespective of the industry they represent, realise the cost savings involved in having custom software developed to suit their specific applications, ensuring that as their business expands they are not left with off-the-shelf software that cannot handle the increase in workload, which means that they would have to add more tools in order for the software to keep up with the company growth. Netgen is about increasing the efficiency of your processes so that as you discover ways in which software could cut out unnecessary steps in terms of the automation of workflow or managing data and information; custom software developed specifically for your business by Netgen will streamline the processes in your business, without a doubt. There are no annual license fees to be paid, the intellectual rights to your software are yours and Netgen does not own your software once they have developed it, the whole package is yours, and, there will always be room to grow with any custom software developed by Netgen.
  3. Custom WordPress and Website Design is yet another field in which these talented professionals excel, it’s not just about creating a user-friendly, attractive web window for your business, the Netgen approach to website design is a holistic one that combines website strategy, development and design, but, above all, Netgen is committed to delivering what the client wants at affordable rates that make it possible for anyone with a small or large budget to comfortably approach this team, and to rely on them to produce fast, efficient and cost effective results on time, every time, which is not something many web developers can boast about! Once again, Netgen clients will confirm this without hesitation!
  4. Mobile app development has become a major extension in terms of well-planned, targeted marketing, especially when you take into account that on any given day, hundreds of thousands of South Africans are carrying a world of information in the palm of their hands with their mobile phones – all you need is an eye-catching, user-friendly mobile app icon, which will be seen every time anyone opens their phone and you will have won half the battle of giving your brand the exposure it deserves, in conjunction with a well-designed website. The Netgen team uses Xamarin as their base mobile application program, which creates a well-structured system native to Android and iOS to allow a custom operating process that is easily integrated into backend websites and databases – all of which boils down to low cost design and development that offers high functionality for mobile devices, with the ability to keep up with any new developments in handsets as they are released.
  5. With seventeen years’ worth of experience under the belt, it stands to reason that on the heels of having designed and developed websites for many satisfied clients, Netgen has an extensive range of experience where it comes to adding streamlined, effective online marketing solutions that are designed to make customers sit up and take notice of your services or products online, and drive them right to your door! The Netgen team will help you to make sense of the tools that make Google ‘see’ your website and move it up in the rankings, such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Ad Words, as well as giving you a choice of additional tools like blogs to raise content levels on your website, SMS and email communications, and a whole lot more that makes the internet environment a lot easier for those of us who do not have this type of technical knowledge!

This, and so much more in terms of custom web solutions is what makes Netgen market leaders in the IT industry, and they are just big enough to support everything they do for you in terms of web solutions designed to save you time and money, but small enough to give their personal attention to detail to any project you bring to them!