5 Reasons Why Your E-Commerce Site Is Failing

Online shopping is so convenient which is why this technology is booming and is here to stay. Anyone can have an online shop. It’s as easy as creating a website on a content management platform like WordPress and adding your products.

There are some common mistakes people make that end up giving them not so great results. So if you want your e-commerce site to be successful, check the list below and make sure you’re not guilty of any of them.

1. Bad Images
Pictures speak louder than words. Humans are visual creatures and it’s the picture that will push them to make a decision. Make sure you use high-quality images that are clear. High-quality doesn’t equal large so make sure your images are not too big or they will take too long to load.

2. Outdated or out of Stock Products
If you’re not offering a product or it’s out of stock, hide the product in your shop until it becomes available. There’s nothing as frustrating as finding what you want just to find out it isn’t available after all.

3. Your Website Isn’t Responsive
50% of all internet searches are done on mobile devices. That means that if you don’t have a responsive online shop, users will find it difficult to navigate it. Which means they’ll move on to another supplier.

4. Too Short or No Product Descriptions
While images are vital, having too short or no product descriptions will also affect the success of your online shop. This is because search engines can’t read images and rely on text to index your website pages. So if you want your e-commerce site to rank in Google, make sure you spend time writing decent product descriptions.

5. Not Promoting Your Online Shop Enough

What good is an online shop if no one knows about it! Marketing your website should be an ongoing priority if you want it to succeed.
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