5 Website Design Mistakes That Will Increase Your Bounce Rate

Just having a website won’t guarantee loads and loads of customers. In fact, a website with a bad design can do more good than harm and should be avoided at all costs.

A poor website layout, among other things, will increase your bounce rate – a visitor “bounces” to another website if they can’t find what they’re looking for on your website. The longer they stay on your site, the lower the bounce rate.

If you don’t want your potential customer to move right on to the next supplier, ie your competitors, steer clear of these 5 website design mistakes.

  1. Too Many Bells and Whistles

Less really is more when it comes to web design. We know there are a lot of cool widgets you can add to your website but stuffing them all onto your homepage won’t do you any favours. Keep your website clean and straightforward to keep visitors interested.

  1. Flash Animation, Moving Text, Fancy Cursors or Music

These were really HOT a few years ago but the truth is that they slow down your loading time. They are also more annoying than anything else.

  1. Images Without Text Captions or ALT Tags

Search engines can’t read images which means you have to use descriptive text if you want to increase your rankings.

  1. Dead Links

It’s bound to happen but links that only lead you to an error page will not impress visitors. Ensure to frequently check that all your links still work.

  1. Product or Service List

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t add them to your website, we’re saying don’t add them in one continuous scroll. Categorise or use a drop-down navigation to help visitors find what they need quickly.

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