A look at some of the custom software we’re currently developing

A look at some of the custom software projects we’ve done

Over the years, we’ve worked on a lot of interesting custom software projects at Netgen. Our team has assisted with everything from the software for embedded systems through to building brand-new mobile apps. There’s always something new happening and clients coming to us with the need for bespoke solutions that suit their particular niche.

Let’s take a look at some of the software we’ve created for clients recently:

  1. A call button solution

Vellux Africa came to us with the need for some software to power their call button solution. The company has deployed their solution in a wide range of industries, and with a wide range of uses. The solution uses Raspberry PIs and transmits its signal via the Microsoft Azure Queuing System cloud platform.

Since we’ve been working with Vellux Africa, we’ve seen the solution go live in two multi-national supermarket chains in South Africa. They use the system at their till points to indicate to customers when a till is free. It’s also been used at their deli and bakery counters to call the next customer.

Another great application we’ve seen of the technology is in retirement villages. The system is installed in the homes, allowing the residents to call for assistance whenever needed. There is also the option to cancel the call if the resident no longer needs help. Additionally, the more often the button is pressed, the more the system registers that the situation is urgent and escalates the call to management. Our Sendeasy platform also sends an SMS to escalate the call.

  1. Athlete tracking system

We’ve been working with the National Performance Register (NPR) and eta College for many years now. eta College came to us with the idea for the NPR and our team set about building the database parameters. The concept is a simple one but needs to cover a range of criteria for ranking athletes and comparing their statistics.

After the NPR database went live, eta College asked for assistance with a mobile app that would allow athletes and trainers to check their data on the go. In addition to the mobile app, we’ve been continually updating and enhancing the system as we learn more about the user requirements and as more users sign up. We are currently upgrading the mobile app to be more interactive and inline with modern systems. This is due to be released in March.

  1. Ticketing and passenger system

Shortly before the pandemic hit, Drumbeat Charters in Hout Bay approached Netgen to create a new customer ticketing and accounts system. However, they didn’t just need a system that allowed them to sell tickets. They also wanted something that could track passengers as they boarded and disembarked from the boat, as well as offer up reports on the tickets and passengers. These are crucial requirements for safety onboard the boats.

The solution was developed with an online portal for people to pre-book tickets and for administrators to view passenger details. We also created a mobile POS system that could be used at the harbour and run from simple cellphone handsets. The solution is used for people buying tickets on the day, as well as tracking the passengers as they board to ensure the boat never goes over capacity.

The project was sadly put on hold as lockdown hit and the charter couldn’t operate. It was nearly two years before we could finally go live with it as tourists started to come back and tours could once again operate. Of course, things had changed in those two years and we had to do a few last-minute upgrades to the system as we went live.

What custom software projects do you have in mind?

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