A simple guide for using TrackEasy

TrackEasy is a CRM system that was created to be simple but powerful. The dashboard is packed with features in an easy-to-navigate layout. Let’s take a look:

  1. Home

The first screen you come to is the home dashboard. This provides powerful real-time stats to give you a snapshot of your campaigns and leads. From here, you can access the rest of TrackEasy’s features simply by using the navigation menu on the left.

Home screen dashboard on TrackEasy
  • Settings

This is one of the most important areas as it’s where you do all your housekeeping, and get everything ready to start tracking your leads. Start with Company Details and complete all the general information about your business and add additional fields that are relevant to you. If you would like to integrate bulk SMSing or email into TrackEasy, you can do it here. Additionally, if you have more than one user on your account, use Setup Users to add them in.

Next, use the various other Setup options to input existing campaigns, response templates and clients, as well as setting up how you would like to sort your database based on their status. You can come back to these Setups at any time to add or edit information. Finally, use Import Leads to bring in any leads you may already be working on so that they’re all under one roof.

Settings on TrackEasy


Every lead that comes in will be listed under this section of your dashboard. You’ll be able to see all of the collected information plus, a full record of the communication you have had with each one.

The Leads dashboard on TrackEasy
  • Tasks

Under this section, you can schedule tasks to prompt you to contact clients on a specific day or to follow up after an email or phone call. When logged into TrackEasy, you’ll get pop-up reminders for every task you created or had assigned to you, and they’ll appear no matter where you are in the system. If you log out, the reminder will pop up as soon as you log back in again.

Tasks on TrackEasy
  • Communication

The beauty of TrackEasy is that you can communicate with your leads directly from the system. All of your email and SMS templates will be stored here for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can create new, individualised messages when you need to. The system also allows you to select one or multiple leads to receive the message using various filter options that make finding those leads very quick.

In the report sub-section, you can trace all of your interactions made from the system. Just filter through your messages by inputting the date range you’re looking for.

Communication options on TrackEasy
  • Reports

Under this tab, you can pull reports based on a wide range of criteria, whenever you want to. These reports can be downloaded for future reference or to use in business reports.

Lead reports on TrackEasy

TrackEasy – a powerful yet simple solution

TrackEasy can help you create order out of all your interactions with people, letting you focus on the customers instead of trying to find out what the last line of communication was. The system is easy to use and will help you to boost your sales in no time. Sign up to TrackEasy now and get one month free. You can experience the simplicity and efficiency for yourself.

To read more about our T&Cs regarding the one month free with TrackEasy click here

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