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NOT another boring institute website!

By May 29, 2014 No Comments

Four years ago Netgen was appointment by the Institute of Loss Adjusters (Ilasa) to create a website for the Institute and to custom develop an online member’s only Continuous Professional Development (CPD) area. Like all professional bodies, ILASA requires their members to acquire a certain amount of CPD points during the year in order to keep them up to date with industry and business news and retain their institute membership. CPD points are made up from articles read, conference and workshops attended, papers written etc.
The administration behind keeping and managing all of this information was a nightmare which prompted the institute to approach Netgen to develop a software system where they could manage their members, view their profiles and manage CPD items such as loading articles etc. They also wanted their members to be able to access the system to change their details if necessary and complete their CPD point requirements online so that the whole process was in one place, online and simple to use and monitor.
That was four years ago and the system is still proving to be a successful way to monitor and keep track of Ilasa members and their CPD point allocations. However, the website was looking tired and old fashioned and the institute found that especially newer younger members required a website that offered more interaction and had a fresher more modern look.
New Look website and back-end
Netgen recently completed the new Ilasa website which included revamping the look and feel of the back-end section to match the more modern feel. The new website was launched at the Ilasa Annual Conference which took place at the end of May and received a resounding approval from members.
The new website with its clean fresh lines has an easy navigation and areas such as events are highlighted on the front page so that members can easily see what is coming up and diarise. The new site also boasts a news section where articles of interest and institute news is posted to keep members up to date. Netgen has also added Google analytics to the new website which will track visitor numbers and behaviour on the site. This information will give the institute valuable insights to how their members interact with the site, making improvements and adjustments easy and quick to do.
The new website proves that institutes and associations need not be boring online but rather should be fresh and modern in keeping with the times and technology available. Ilasa members now not only have a technically advanced way of accessing their CPD point requirements and recording them but the front end site makes their interaction with the institute more interactive and fresh. See the before and after pics below.
Netgen used a combination of .net software in C# and VB to develop the backend. The Front end is developed in WordPress and has JSON links and JQUERY Scripts to share data across the platforms. Netgen hosts and maintains these sites and databases.
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