Are You Struggling To Get Your Business Off The Ground? (Solution)

Let’s face it, starting a business and getting it to a point where it’s profitable, is never easy. It requires hard work and dedication accompanied with the right skills and knowledge. But you know that already. You already have all those things but you’re still finding it challenging to grow your business.

Are You Using All the Tools Available to You?

There are various tools you can use to market your business. Having a responsive website is one. Being active on your social media channels is another. Do you know what else could help you grow your business? A mobile app.

Maybe you’ve never thought of developing an app for your business, it’s only the big guys who have apps anyway. Or you have but you just don’t see the need for it. Either way, you couldn’t be more wrong. Nearly 90% of all time spent on our smartphones are on mobile applications.

Mobile apps aren’t only for selling products. Mobile apps can help you stand out from your competitors which is the number one thing you should strive to do. Mobile apps boost brand awareness just by being in the app store. By updating your app and providing value to your customers, you will build a loyal customer base that will keep coming back. The best part about a mobile app is that you can actually make money with it.

How to Make Money from Mobile Apps

By monetising your ios or android app, your business can have a brand new income stream. There are a few ways to monetise an app:

  • In-app advertising
  • Subscriptions
  • Premium paid apps

Don’t lose out on sales because you can’t see the value of a mobile application for your business. At Netgen, our team of mobile app developers strive to offer our clients affordable software application services that will increase conversion rates dramatically. For more information or if you want a free quote, speak to the team today!