What you can do with an in-house mobile app

The benefits of mobile apps for business are numerous and it has become the norm for businesses in all sectors to develop customer-facing apps. These can have a number of functions, including a mobile shopping experience, providing information and customer support, advertising and loyalty programs.

However, there is another type of mobile app that can benefit businesses – an in-house app. These are not widely advertised outside of the business, and may not be on any app store, but they can be extremely useful in providing employees with a user-friendly way to perform certain job functions.

What is an in-house mobile app?

An in-house mobile app is one that is designed to be used by employees within a business. These apps can be integrated into existing systems in order to boost productivity and efficiency, as well as allowing employees to work remotely.

What can they do?

Just about any department in any business can benefit from an in-house mobile app. Here are a few scenarios in which a mobile app could be useful:

  • A sales rep meeting clients out in the field could use their mobile app to check stock levels or record the client’s order.
  • A warehouse worker could scan a QR code to see which products are stored in a particular location.
  • A mobile app could show real-time data on company turnover and other metrics.
  • Customer service agents and IT support technicians could use an app to track queries and tickets.
  • An employee management app could be used by employees throughout the business to apply for leave, for communication or to log symptoms and body temperature during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Choosing an app for your business

Netgen specialises in mobile app and custom software development, and our solutions can be integrated into your existing systems. If you are looking to boost efficiency and productivity with an in-house mobile app, get in touch with our team.

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