Benefits of mobile POS

The benefits of using a mobile POS system

Mobile POS systems have become very popular globally across the retail and hospitality sectors. These embedded software solutions tend to be inexpensive, easy to set up and integrate into existing systems, as well as offering a number of benefits:

  • Increase sales

In a retail store, sales consultants using tablets as POS devices will have access to product information and reviews so that they could better assist customers. This solution also allows them to process sales right then and there.

These systems are perfect for markets, which have historically been cash-only, offering more payment options and inventory tracking.

  • Improved customer experience

One of the biggest benefits of mobile POS systems is the way they improve the customer experience.

It’s a common sight in retail stores at the end of the month-long queues of frustrated customers winding from the till points through the aisles. Mobile POS systems can be brought to bear during times like these, giving the store extra points of sale when needed.

With integrated customer relationship management software, sales consultants can have access to a customer’s full purchase history, giving them insight into their personal preferences.

Inventory management means that consultants are able to quickly check if a product is in stock and create an order if necessary.

  • Better security

Security measures are always evolving to keep up with threats, and mobile POS systems are constantly being updated.

The most secure mobile POS card readers encrypt the transaction from when the card is tapped or swiped until the transaction is complete, so it’s impossible to obtain sensitive card information from the device.

  • More payment options

Mobile POS systems can accept a variety of payment options, including contactless cards, mobile payments via QR code or NFC, and e-wallets. Many of these systems also offer robust customer relationship management, allowing for loyalty rewards programs.

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