How an in-house business app can boost productivity

How an in-house business app can boost productivity

You are probably very familiar with off-the-shelf software – an application that you purchase and usually pay a license fee for. There may be some customisation available but, for the most part, you will need to adapt your business processes to suit the software. There is an alternative to this model – custom software. With a custom-made business app, your unique business and its processes are taken into account during the app’s conception, ensuring the software does what you need it to, the way that you need it done.

Going beyond the desktop, there are a number of advantages to developing a custom mobile business app, which can boost productivity.

  1. Stay connected

Users are able to access the app wherever they are, allowing management to view sales figures, or sales reps to check the progress of orders. This is a must-have feature nowadays, considering how popular telecommuting has become. 

  1. Use the cloud

Information can be accessed from the cloud using your app. This means that necessary data is always available and up-to-date. The cloud also facilitates collaboration by enabling employees to work together on projects remotely.

  1. Link to your existing systems

A custom mobile business app can be designed to integrate with your existing systems and processes. If your app is used by sales reps to take on new customers, these customers can then integrate with your existing customer relationship manager. Orders placed on the app can get passed onto your inventory management software so that stock can be allocated.

  1. Work remotely

A mobile app empowers employees out in the field to perform their functions with all the information they need at their fingertips. There are so many examples – sales reps loading new customers or orders, warehouse staff checking stock levels, or technicians updating work orders.

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