Building a web-based portal for Debtsource – a decade later

It’s now been over a decade since the bespoke web-based portal Netgen built for Debtsource went live. The company is still with us and looks to Netgen for all of their custom software maintenance and support needs. We’re proud to be the “reliable partner” that they were looking for.

The job

Debtsource came to us for a web portal. They needed a system that would allow their staff to manage client information. However, they needed something far more advanced than just a CRM tool. Debtsource needed software that could assist them with managing credit on behalf of their clients. This included trading on credit, trade credit insurance, debt collecting, debtor finance, risk assessment and mitigation.

It was our job to get to grips with these elements of the financial industry, as well as understand exactly what it was that Debtsource wanted the software to be able to do.

The process

To start with, Debtsource did their research on custom software companies. According to their CEO, Frank Knight, “Finding a reliable development partner must be a key success factor for any business that is dependent on tailored IT solutions. At Debtsource, we spent at least eight months trying to source such a company. We found many promises, but delivery was lacking.”

Once given the go ahead, our business analysts met with Debtsource and went through all of the elements that they needed the software to do. We settled on a web-based platform as this allowed for much greater flexibility. Their team would be able to log in from anywhere in order to complete work, and we would be able to provide continuous maintenance and easily deploy upgrades as necessary. Another bonus was that their clients would be able to log into the system and manage or pull reports on their own profile.

Once we had an understanding of what was needed, it was time to design, plan and implement the software. From there, our dedicated software testers went through the system to ensure it ran smoothly before handing over to Debtsource.

The result

It’s now been over ten years and Debtsource is still using the web-based portal for everyday functions within their company. “The Netgen team impressed us with their can-do attitude, genuine skills and more importantly haven’t yet come up short on delivery!” says Knight.

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