Building unique systems with Net Assess

In 2013, we launched a bespoke custom solution for a client that was truly original and it has been a game changer for them and their industry. Net Assess came to Netgen in 2012 in need of a system that could help them to track their assessments and to integrate with various insurers around South Africa.

Net Assess is the largest independent assessing company in South Africa and has been working in the insurance industry since 2009. They specifically work in the motor insurance sector and the system we developed for them helps to complete and track the entire assessment process from beginning to end.

The modular approach

It was a big project and needed to be created one step at a time. Our team scoped out the most important elements and worked to get them operational by April 2013. Since the initial launch, the system has been expanded to include anti-fraud models and escalation levels. It has also been adapted to keep up with changing tech trends – including the addition of a mobile app that was created by the Netgen team.

The required solution

The system that we ultimately created for Net Assess covers a number of aspects of their business. It essentially starts with a client of the connected insurers making a claim for a car accident, goes through the assessment and quoting phase, and to the insurance provider for final approval. The clients make their claim through the system we designed, which then allows Net Assess to book an inspection of the vehicle.

The notes from the assessment can be submitted via the mobile app we added to the solution. This information is then used to process a quote for replacements or repairs. The fraud detection modules ensure that the process is all above board and the best prices are put into the quote. The quote and the parts list is then sent to the insurer via the system for sign off. All of this is done via a solution that provides transparency to both the client and the insurer at all times.

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“For the last eight years, Netgen has been an integral part of our team, developing our system from strength to strength and assisting with our system becoming a game-changer in the motor industry. Netgen has become a part of the Net Assess Family and we foresee many more years together with exciting future development.” – Lisa Frame, Admin Manageress for Net Assess.

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