Is your business software keeping pace with your growth or is it wasting valuable time?

Everything about business in the online world of 21st century is rigged to doing everything faster and better than ever before, which means that, irrespective of the industry sector your business represents, you need to keep your data, and the software that manages it, up to speed.
New technology is introduced to business and the world at a pace that is hard to keep up with, and this is particularly true where it comes to the availability of standard software packages that may initially serve its purpose, until the day you need to add further fields of data or changes to workflow systems.
With an average software package there is no room for expansion, nor is there any room to customise the software in such a way that it performs specifically according to the requirements of your business.
It is here that Netgen has been making life a whole lot easier for industries such as finance, health care, insurance, manufacturing, logistics and media, among others, for close on seventeen years, refining and redefining custom software designed to streamline the data flow and work processes of individual entities.
Having custom software designed by the team of I.T. specialists at Netgen ensures that your software will be designed in such a way that, as your business grows, the basis for adding, subtracting and tweaking the software is something that can be done by the team at Netgen, without interfering with your business schedules.
Netgen has shown, over the years, and through their many satisfied clients, that they are totally committed to taking the knowledge and experience gained through each challenge taken on in many different industry sectors, and producing cost effective results quickly and efficiently, with absolute professionalism.
It is really exciting when you consider the many ways in which custom application software can save your business time and money, which is ultimately what custom software is about – it can automate some of the most routine and basic work of certain departments or employees, or store data and information important to your business in a way that is straightforward and simple.
Custom software is the most direct way of saving time, it has everything you need to keep things running smoothly and none of the unnecessary functions that in no way relate to your business!
The trio who started Netgen back in 2000 have an awesome 50 years’ worth of experience between them, and, have gathered a team of young I.T. fundi’s under one roof to offer web innovation on every level, and if they say they can do it, you better believe it!  Or ask their clients, they’ll be more than happy to tell you about what it’s like to work with Netgen!
Any off the shelf software that is available on the market is going to involve a license fee, and the software will never be yours, however, when Netgen designs your custom software, not only do license fees fall away, you will also own the software outright and it will be considered your intellectual property alone!
If you are stuck out on a limb with software that is obsolete, Netgen is able to convert any existing system to web based platforms and convert any current database into new SQL versions, as well as making it easy to understand and use.
The team at Netgen is a rare breed in the web industry, the kind that has been around a lot longer than the rest, and is well dug in for a long and healthy future of offering unrivalled support to every client joining the Netgen family.
Whether you need creative WordPress or custom website design and an online marketing concept to go with it, custom software development or a mobile app to add to your arsenal of tools for success in a tech-driven business arena, let the team at Netgen introduce you to a solution that will fit with your vision …… oh, and with your budget!!