Check out Netgen software solutions designed to take your business mobile, anywhere, any time!

Netgen doesn’t only design custom Word Press websites, custom software, mobile apps or offer online marketing solutions, all of which is based on the experience and vision of a team that has worked together for sixteen years already, they have also earned a fantastic reputation for their spot-on development of a variety of software products, and other web solutions, to assist every type and size of business to streamline their processes.
Maintaining this type of high level reputation for trust and reliability among long term clients takes hard work, attention to detail and keeping up with the lautf8_general_ci technology even before it is released to the general public, all with the goal in mind of saving time and money for each Netgen client.
It also takes cohesive teamwork to design and develop the quality of products already available from Netgen, perfectly tailored for use across a broad range of applications, from keeping track of sales leads to an online scheduling tool custom designed for one of the leading South African gym groups!
As far as this talented team of project managers, app developers, website designers, mobile app developers and custom software designers is concerned, anything and everything is possible in the web environment they call home.
Looking at a few examples of products designed and developed by Netgen will give you a pretty good idea of what this team is capable of producing, and it is a great way of introducing you to the seamless capabilities of all these online tools, designed yet again to save time and money for clients.
SendEasy, which is an affordable, user friendly bulk SMS platform, makes it easy for you to send bulk SMS’s to your customer data base at very low rates, and, it is designed in such a way that you have absolute control over how much you spend, when you would like the SMS to go out and also assist you in complying with the legalities of bulk SMS communications.
If bulk SMS’s play a major role in communicating with clients then SendEasy is well worth more than just a second look – besides which, the Netgen team is always on hand to provide support should you need it. Oh, and your data privacy and security is paramount with this security conscious team!
ClubCentral is another of the affordable, easy to use online software packages that make life easy for business owners on many levels.  Communicate with and manage clients, bookings and schedules, while at the same time automatically being able to bill your clients, with the use of one straightforward and easy platform that allows you to keep control of your business anytime, anywhere on the go!
Take a trip through the Netgen website to find out more about products like SendEasy, ClubCentral, TrackEasy, EasySchedule and more, and, if none of these suit your business, Netgen will design custom software to suit your application and streamline your business to perfection – and make sure you check out what Netgen clients have to say about working with this super team!