Why choosing an established website developer is essential for the best return on investment.

Here’s a truth that many people have found out the hard (and expensive) way: letting a friend or that guy who works on websites ‘after hours’ design your website is going to be as good as taking your carefully set aside budget and putting a match to it!

There are a multitude of reasons for this; you will be lucky if the website looks and functions anything like what you had hoped for, most of the time you will not know how to use it yourself, even if it is just to make small changes, in which case you can be pretty sure that anyone scrounging around on the internet for a service or product like yours is going to take one look at your website, find it as difficult to negotiate as you do, and scurry off to your competition!

Trying to get any support from your web developer is going to be a game of hit and miss, you’ll be lucky if you get a response to ‘urgent’ calls for help a week or two later – or worse!
It is for reasons such as these that a team like the one at Netgen has developed a reputation second to none where it comes to offering the experience necessary to establish a website that will give you an online presence that mirrors exactly what you want to achieve in giving your business a web window that grabs attention and keeps it!
Right from the start, you will be working with IT experts who are passionate about making things work for you, which means that your vision of the website you are aiming for, whether it is a brochure type website or a complex, data-driven e-commerce site, will be respected as you spend time with the team in taking your site from concept to design, and finally, from development to going live!

What you want is important to Netgen, and with 50 years’ worth of combined experience shared between the management team alone, imagine how easy it will be to rely on website developers who are willing to understand exactly what it is that you wish to achieve with your website, and pull the concept together quickly enough to save you even more time and money.
Approach Netgen with your budget and watch how this team meets any challenge, delivering a great looking, user-friendly website that will not go over budget and will be brought in on time.  Whether you need a WordPress website, customised website or assistance to breathe new life into a tired website that needs a bit of a face-lift, Netgen has the most approachable team in the industry at your disposal to make it happen.

Netgen is established, no doubt about that, seventeen fantastic years is a long time to have remained as committed and stable as this team has, many of their clients, long-term and otherwise, will be more than happy to set your mind at ease about the quality of website development you can look forward to.
Support is second nature at Netgen, they don’t only develop websites in Cape Town and Johannesburg; they have taken it all a lot of further with their ability to develop custom software, mobile apps (great to add into the marketing mix with a website!) and add an in-depth knowledge of online marketing that helps to drive your website closer to the top of the list on search engines!
So, Netgen has it all, stability, experience, commitment to excellence, unrivalled support and a streamlined service that can meet all your IT needs – any investment you make in a website developed by Netgen is going to give you a worthwhile return on investment, one you will never have from the ‘after hours’ guy or your mate!
Make sure your website does become your most powerful marketing tool, as it should be, by contacting the team at Netgen to find out how they can turn your website into a winner!