Have you considered the enormous value of a mobile app for your business yet?

More and more small to medium businesses are already well into the mainstream of business by understanding that an effective mobile strategy involves more than simply having a mobile-friendly website – they make their presence known to millions of mobile device users in South Africa by adding a mobile app to their marketing strategies for greater exposure than ever before.
Having a mobile app that ties in with your business is going to make you visible at all times, and since most South Africans will spend at the very least 2 hours on their mobile device, it would be difficult to find a more effective way of keeping your business in plain sight each time any mobile device user has to unlock, scroll and scan their device to find what they are looking for.
With the right in-your-face mobile app icon, you can be sure that millions of minds will unconsciously absorb and record every app it comes across, even if it is not consciously noticed, so if its visibility you want, a mobile app is the way to go!
Your mobile app can keep people engaged with any information that will keep your company at their fingertips, serving many functions such as providing prices, specials, loyalty points, booking forms, user accounts or sales and promotions, to name just a few ways of creating closer direct interaction via mobile devices.  This is direct marketing taken to a whole new level!
If you’ve been thinking about it, stop thinking and make your mobile app a reality with the team at Netgen, they will work with you to develop and design a custom mobile app that will move your business to the next level!
Custom mobile apps for both Android and iOS operating systems are created by an innovative team of developers at Netgen who know exactly how to explore all the possibilities for your mobile app, and then to recommend the best solution to suit your business requirements.
50 years worth of combined experience, sixteen years as a trusted web solutions company and many successful mobile apps later, including mobile POS, the Netgen team has the expertise to make your vision a reality and to place your business in the palm of millions of mobile device users in South Africa!