Legacy software conversion & ongoing support

Where it comes to the design of custom application software that meets strict industry guidelines, Netgen offers you an unbeatable team of experienced IT wizards who will design competitively priced custom software for your company that will suit your industry needs perfectly.
The Netgen team know all there is to know about internet based solutions and custom software applications, and with your intimate knowledge of your business requirements, the result of a collaboration with the Netgen software developers will produce a streamlined software application that will not only meet your current needs but also remain a platform that allows for the growth of your business.

When Netgen designs your custom application software you can be absolutely certain that the support of this team is going to be available to you as your business grows and requirements change, especially since Netgen has been the number one IT solutions company in South Africa for over sixteen years already and have no intention of going anywhere but onwards and upwards.
This type of consistent support from a team that will develop custom software uniquely suited to your requirements is rare, offering the security of knowing that you will never need to redevelop systems each time your business expands or your requirements branch out, not with Netgen always available as support to expand on your current software designed by their own team.

Many companies find themselves in a position where their current software in either Delphi or Visual basic has become obsolete, not knowing where to turn as a result of the fact that there is no longer any support available for these systems.  Netgen has the perfect tailor made solution for any company in this situation with their proven record for converting these obsolete systems to web based platforms, as well as converting the current database into the new SQL versions at highly affordable prices.

The current working systems are often easily replicated in order to convert the current database into the SQL version in order to benchmark and compare against the new system, cutting down in specification time and the understanding required to use it.

When you choose Netgen to develop your custom application software or convert current unsupported software systems, you choose a company with a solid background in everything to do with all IT solutions, so contact the friendly team today to assist with your legacy software conversion and an ongoing support basis you will find nowhere else in the industry.