Creating an ecommerce app

eCommerce is a huge industry, and a large portion of ecommerce purchases are made via apps rather than websites these days. The benefits of developing an ecommerce app for your business include:

  1. Brand awareness – Users are reminded of your brand when they see your icon on their phone or when they receive a notification.
  2. Communication – Push notifications, when used appropriately, are an excellent way to communicate with customers. Notifications can be used to advertise sales and promotions or the arrival of new products.
  3. Conversion rate – Statistically, customers are more likely to add products to their cart and complete the purchase on a mobile app than on a desktop or mobile site.

5 things to consider when creating an ecommerce app

  1. Platform

The three main platforms are Android, Apple and Windows. Each has their own design principles that should be followed, and each app store has different rules for what is and isn’t allowed, as well as different fees.

  1. Target market

Your target market affects the look and feel of your app, as well as its functions and the type of communication you will be pushing to it.

  1. Your list of must-haves

It’s important to have a clear idea of what features you want to build into your app before you start development. For example, what payment options do you want to provide and do you wish to incorporate a loyalty system? Many features, like wishlists and the ability to read and write product reviews, have become commonplace and their absence in your app would be noticeable.

  1. Make sure everything is touch-friendly

User experience is extremely important. Apps that are slow or frustrating to use are very quickly abandoned. When it comes to mobile, buttons should be large enough to easily tap with a thumb, and editable fields should pre-populate as much as possible. The platform for which the app is being developed must also be considered, as Android products have a wider range of screen resolutions than Apple products.

  1. Three tap rule

It’s important to keep the customer journey in mind during development. The number of taps from opening the app to finding the desired product, and also from selecting a product to completing the purchase, should be kept to a minimum

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