Custom Software Development Is the Answer to Most of Your Business Problems

Have you ever had to invest in expensive software to fulfil just one specific function that your current software can’t? You’re not alone, it happens all the time with off-the-shelf generic software. There are some amazing software programs out there, no doubt, but since every business is different, they need different software solutions to make their processes run smoothly.

Why Your Business Needs Custom Software

As we’ve already established, every business has different software needs and without custom software, those needs won’t be met. Custom software can also benefit you in the following ways:

Optimise Business Processes

By developing custom software you can integrate various business systems into a single function. This will save your employees time while making their jobs considerably easier. Many companies choose customised software because it enables them to choose the features and functionalities while cutting down on time spent using three different software programs to get the job done.

Ongoing Customer Support

Off-the-shelf software does offer some type of customer support if you have the patience to hold on for days. When you develop custom software through Netgen, you’ll have a solid customer support system. Your company will grow and your needs will change and instead of buying additional software, you can just adjust your current software to include additional functionalities.

It Will Save You Money in the Long Run

When you hear the word “custom” you naturally think it will be more expensive. While off-the-shelf software might seem cheaper, you have to consider the costs of annual licensing fees as well as paying for alternative solutions for missing features. Custom software development will be more affordable in the long run.

Netgen offers reliable and affordable custom software development services in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Give us a call for a quote today.