Custom software development trends in 2020

The top trends for custom software development in 2020 are all about connectivity and how to keep data secure and moving with everything being so connected. The world is changing at a rapid pace and as developers, we’re always looking for ways to stay on top of the trends while ensuring that your data is safe. The challenge is to find solutions to new concerns as the technology around us advances every day.

Top 4 trends to watch in 2020

There are a number of things happening in the software development world this year, but these are the most interesting that we’ve seen:

  1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) – For the last few years it’s been about making sure that your website is mobile friendly or, even better, to have a mobile app. The problem with this was it left companies with a slight disconnect between the user experience on a computer versus on a mobile device. A PWA brings the two together for a seamless user experience, regardless of how they are connecting to you online.
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) – All technology is starting to become more and more connected through the internet. You can control your TV from your computer or use your phone to switch your lights on at home while you’re out. This connectivity is referred to as the Internet of Things. In 2020, a big trend is for businesses to start putting this kind of software to use by connecting their systems for greater monitoring and streamlining.
  3. Edge computing – Move over cloud computing, edge is the new kid on the block. Edge is a similar concept to cloud, but instead of the information being in one centralised location, it lives a lot closer to where you actually need it. As you connect more devices to the internet, you will notice that more bandwidth gets used and it can take longer for data to be fetched from storage. Many companies are turning to local servers to host their most important information that is needed in real time.
  4. Blockchain – This has largely been seen as technology for the financial industry. However, there are plenty of applications for blockchain software in a range of different business sectors. Blockchain is essentially a secure, transparent way of storing data that is spread across all the systems connected to the network. It’s used to replace paper-based processes for supply chains and can even serve as a contract that is tamper-proof.

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