Custom software streamlines your business processes, saving you time & money!

Every business is looking for faster, more efficient ways to do business, no matter what type of industry it represents, and in an era where technology has driven the business landscape into warp speed, custom software has become an essential time-saving tool.
Most standard software packages come filled with features you and your staff may never use, and more often than not, there are no shortcuts that allow you to circumvent unnecessary steps along the way to finally enter the bottom-line data that needs to be recorded to suit the purposes of your business.
This is where custom software developed by Netgen steps in to eliminate processes that you do not need in order to run a tight ship, vastly improving business efficiency, which ultimately leads to a reduction in the costs of operating your business.
With seventeen years’ worth of experience in developing custom software to streamline business processes for hundreds of South African companies, Netgen is infinitely able to use this well-earned experience and apply it to understanding how your business works in order to produce results quickly, making it a cost effective solution that will always be delivered with the highest level of professionalism.
Since Netgen is all about saving clients time and money, you can rely on this team to deliver your custom software on time and in keeping with your budget, this is not a team that looks for ways to load your budget with extra costs!
Storing data and information essential to your business should be a simple process, but, the only way to achieve this is to use custom designed software created specifically to suit your requirements, in fact anything that increases the quality of your business and services, especially in an online business environment, has its source in how comprehensive the work flow is in the day to day running of your business.
Major industries such as those who rely heavily on stock control and accounting, leasing control systems, financial grant systems or document tracking and more, have trusted Netgen to develop streamlined custom software that ups their operating levels and improves customer services to the extent that other avenues of growth are opened for exploration.
Because of the web interfaces that Netgen builds into custom designed software, users are given the freedom to access their systems in real-time from anywhere in the world, safely and securely, which is a major benefit in a business environment that demands on-the-go involvement due to the proliferation of mobile devices in use.
Netgen also holds out great hope for companies that are sitting with obsolete software for which there is no longer any technical support; the experience gained by this team and their proven track record over the years, means that Netgen is able to convert obsolete systems to web-based platforms, as well as converting your current database into the lautf8_general_ci SQL versions.
The technicalities involved in the development and design of custom software and the conversion of obsolete software systems become a little easier to understand in consultation with the team at Netgen; their main objective is to understand how your business works and then to help you understand the solution they are able to offer.
The support will always be there from Netgen, and what’s more is that your software will be developed in such a way that it can grow as your business expands, without having to start from scratch with the development of yet another software system!
Get your streamlined custom software up and running so that you never have to look back again or worry about whether your developer will still be around to support you well into the future, Netgen is here to stay, proudly developing custom software right here in South Africa between their interconnected offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg!