Do app store algorithms play a major role in ASO?

Do mobile app store algorithms play a major role in ASO?

App store optimisation, or ASO, is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in the app store and increasing the number of downloads. There are several factors that influence how high up in search results an app appears, and algorithms are used to determine this.

The question is, how important are the mobile app store algorithms in ASO when there are other ways users can find out about an app?

How do users find mobile apps?

There are a few ways in which a user could find a mobile app:

  1. Searching in the app store
  2. Word of mouth
  3. Web search
  4. Top charts in the app store
  5. Featured apps in the app store

App store searches are, by far, the most common way users find apps. 70% of mobile users search in the app store for apps, and 65% of all downloads occur after a search. Clearly, app store optimisation is vital for an app’s success.

How do you optimise an app for the app store algorithms?

Whether you are marketing your app in the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, the areas you need to focus on are largely the same:

  1. The name of your app – This has the strongest ranking weight in the app store algorithm, so should feature your main keywords.
  1. Your app description – This factors heavily into Google’s app store algorithm but is important for both marketplaces, as it provides potential users with essential information about your app.
  1. Your app icon – This appears in search results and can be the reason a user clicks on your app. It should, therefore, be eye-catching.
  1. Screenshots and videos – While the algorithms don’t take these into account, screenshots do have a big impact on the conversion rate, which does factor into it.
  1. Localisation – If you wish for your app to reach a global audience, you will need to translate it into other languages. For ASO, you can translate your existing keywords and metadata.
  1. Ratings and reviews – These play a huge role in driving conversion and are an integral part of the app store’s algorithm

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