Do you need a prototype for your mobile app?

In mobile app development, a prototype is an interactive model resembling the final product. It’s used to demonstrate and test the look and feel of the app being developed. Based on user feedback, there may be several iterations during the prototype phase.

There are a number of benefits to creating a mobile app prototype before starting development, including:

  1. Save on development costs

By creating a prototype and letting users interact with it, you can uncover issues before time and money are wasted on development. It’s much cheaper to make changes during the prototype phase than it is during development or post-launch. The prototype also gives developers and designers a clear goal to work towards and ensures that everyone involved is on the same page.

  1. Estimate development time more accurately

A prototype allows developers to make a more accurate estimation on the time it will take to develop an app. They get a view of the complexities of the app, which allows for informed discussions with the various stakeholders.

  1. Create a better user experience

User feedback is invaluable when it comes to designing the user interface and planning the user journey, which is the way a user completes the desired action. A design decision that makes sense to a developer might be counter-intuitive to the end-user, and this can be discovered and rectified before development begins.

  1. Involve clients and stakeholders

Having an interactive prototype allows the people who are ultimately going to be using the finished product the chance to test it and provide feedback. Involving stakeholders gives them a sense of ownership of the app and also gives a broader perspective, as users from different areas of the business can give their insights.

  1. Explore different solutions

The prototype phase offers an opportunity to explore different ideas and discover ways in which the product can be improved before development starts. Changes can be applied to prototypes much more rapidly and cost-effectively than to a completed or partially-completed app.

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