Does custom software give you better cybersecurity?

Any piece of software, whether custom or off-the-shelf, should be developed with cybersecurity in mind. Vulnerabilities in the software can be exploited by cyberattackers, which can have serious repercussions. These include downtime, loss of data and revenue, and loss of trust in your company if sensitive consumer data is stolen.

In 2021, over 50% of cyberattacks targeted small- to medium-sized enterprises, and 60% of those that suffered from a hack or data breach folded within six months of the attack.

It’s true, both custom and off-the-shelf software can contain vulnerabilities, and both should be updated regularly to counter the latest security threats. However, custom software offers some significant security benefits over commercial options, such as:

  1. Bespoke security features

Custom software is developed with your unique threat profile in mind. A threat profile is a detailed description of all threats that are likely to attack your organisation, as well as your organisation’s susceptibility to attacks. Custom development can take into account your access points, vulnerabilities, budget, users, etc. Off-the-shelf software, on the other hand, has to use a one-size-fits all approach, offering features that may not be needed in your organisation.

  1. Security through obscurity

Hackers often target commercial software with known security flaws. They can then use these vulnerabilities to gain access to organisations that use the software. This way they can cast a wide net. Vulnerabilities in custom software, on the other hand, wouldn’t be widely known. Hackers would need to find and target the specific organisation, spending time and effort to crack the custom software’s security measures. This makes commercial software a more attractive option for cyberattackers.

  1. Scalability

Custom cybersecurity software is scalable. This means that the software can grow as your business grows and you add new users, locations, customers, and increase the size of your databases. This saves you having to purchase new software or additional licences.

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