Does My Business Need A Mobile App?

Mobile apps first made its appearance 10 years ago. Only the biggest companies had apps back then but in the last few years having an app has become a significant tool for marketing, customer care and simply boosting your brand. So if you’re unsure whether your business, in fact, needs an app, keep reading.

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

There are too many reasons to mention here but below are some of the most vital ones for your consideration:

  1. Prepare for the future

Your competitors are doing anything in their power to get more sales which means they probably already have a mobile app. Mobile apps are only the beginning, and if you get left behind now, it will take much more effort and funds to catch up in the future.

  1. Open additional revenue sources

Did you know you can earn money with a mobile app? It’s true, there are various ways such as in-app purchases, ads or subscriptions.

  1. Improve customer engagement

Mobile apps make it easier to engage with yourself or other customers at any time. They can share your products and service on social media with just one click. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

  1. Be available to your customers 24/7

How often do you check your phone? Your app will be available to your customers whether they’re online or offline, all day, every day!

  1. Boost your brand image

To be successful, your brand image needs to be good. Nobody wants to do business with a company who’s outdated since this will mean your products and services are outdated too!

Reasons Why Your Business Doesn’t Need a Mobile App

  1. Your business is closing down
  2. You have no desire to grow your business
  3. You prefer to be stuck in the 19th century

As you can see there are too many benefits not to invest in a mobile app for your business. If you’re looking for a mobile app developer in Cape Town or Johannesburg, you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with the team at Netgen for an obligation free quote today.