Easy to Use Client Management Solution from Netgen

Growing businesses need to keep on top of an ever changing client list, and to have a system at your fingertips that allows you to manage appointments and accounts, and to make billings from the same platform, is a major benefit. Also, these days the smartphone or tablet is the communication tool of choice for those on the move, so what if you could manage your clients and bookings – and more – from your smartphone? Netgen, a company with offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, has been in the business of developing business software packages for 15 years, and we give you Club Central, our unique client management tool.

Club Central is designed to integrate into your current computer system so you do not need an expensive rebuild, and we are confident that it will help you in more ways than you could imagine. At Netgen we are committed to providing fully developed, simple to use packages, and this is one that you will find comes on line seamlessly and without problem. You can use it for communicating with clients, for billing and for general account management, and you will find it quick and efficient in operation.

At Netgen we understand that the information involved can be sensitive, so we have developed Club Central in a fashion that ensures your security by storing all data in ‘the cloud’; this allows you to continue using the available space on your network by freeing up what would have been costly storage space otherwise. Whatever your area of business we are confident that Club Central will improve your business efficiency right away, so why not get in touch with us at Netgen right now and check out this and our range of other software business tools, and we’ll be more than happy to help.