Ecostat software developed by Netgen provides a platform for monitoring and controlling air quality in South Africa.

The team at Netgen is very proud of our long association with environmental studies which first started in 2005 when Netgen developed Ecostat, a software programme created specifically to serve the needs of industry in order to monitor as well as control air quality and pollution data from remote stations.
Sophisticated logging and checking software was needed in order to check, correct and recalibrate information and Netgen rose to the occasion. Industries such as mining, transport, agriculture as well as municipalities and Eskom make wide use of the Ecostat software.

Netgen has grown exponentially since it was formed in 2000 by a team of I.T. professionals who are passionate about keeping up to date with global advances in technology, and this team of talented project managers and web developers are passionate and serious about what we do. Our ability to develop custom application software in South Africa has elevated us to the status of being a market leader in our industry.

With the experience and reputation that has been gained over 16 years, Netgen recently completed the website for SEALS-SA (Sea Earth Atmosphere Linkages in South Africa), which is an international science initiative aimed at understanding the interactions of the biosphere, atmosphere, land and ocean in the southern African continent. Our team is very proud to be associated with this study which is being conducted by universities and institutions throughout southern Africa, the United States of America as well as in Europe.
This project was launched in 2016 and is projected to be completed by 2023 with the design and development of the website for the SEALS-SA project aimed at allowing the public as well as other institutions to gather information about the research project. Additionally, the website also disseminates information for the participants of the project as well as keeping them up to date with events, timelines and documentation on the studies.

Netgen is proud to be a major contributor to the expert provision of software programming that is accurate for monitoring air pollution and air quality designed specifically to suit South Africa. Please visit our website to view our projects and portfolio, or contact our team of experts to start designing a custom-fit software solution to suit your business.
Netgen is very proud to be involved in environment impact studies and that our local software programming expertise has helped to make monitoring of air pollution and in making sure that air quality measurement is accurate and fit-for-purpose for South Africa’s need.