ETA tracks leads with TrackEasy

eta tracks leads with TrackEasy

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses of all sizes is keeping track of potential leads. Those leads can turn into profits for a company and are vital to keep you moving forward. This is why we firmly believe that an essential tool for any business is a CRM platform. Let’s take a look at how one of TrackEasy’s long-term customers, eta College, has been using the system.

Who is eta College?

eta College is a private higher education and training institution specializing in qualifications in the sport and fitness industries. They have twelve campuses across Southern Africa. With so many campuses in different locations, it’s only natural that eta College needed something like TrackEasy to keep them on the go with their leads.

Why does eta use TrackEasy?

“We chose TrackEasy over a number of other CRM products. The main reason behind this was because of the need for an uncomplicated contact management system.” – Grant Stevenson, Information Systems Officer of eta National. 

Another element that eta loves about TrackEasy is the fact that their database of leads and their meta data is kept in one centrally controlled space. This means that there is a far lower risk of losing leads or their data. 

eta also takes full advantage of being able to integrate TrackEasy directly into their website contact forms via the TrackEasy API. Every lead coming in from the website is automatically saved into the system. This means that leads show in real time on the TrackEasy dashboard. From here, eta is able to see where the leads came from and allocate them to the relevant division of eta to be dealt with accordingly.  

How eta uses TrackEasy?

An organisation as large as eta College needs to stay on top of their incoming leads by being able to sort them quickly. They also need to be able to see where those leads are coming from to ensure that their marketing efforts are working for them. 

eta College receives an enormous number of leads on an ongoing basis. TrackEasy allows them to separate leads into specific regions, campuses or courses. From here, the sales team can provide the correct information to the lead based on the query. More specifically, they can ensure that courses get maximum enrolment by getting to leads before the courses begin.

Try TrackEasy for yourself

eta college has now been using TrackEasy for all their leads for over a year. Stevenson commented that the “roll-out was quick and easy and the solution has been stable”, which made it so simple for them to get started and they haven’t looked back since.

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