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A very exciting new POS system from Netgen and PAV Telecoms

By September 25, 2014 No Comments

Netgen was recently commissioned by PAV Telcoms to create a simple easy to use portable point of sale (POS) solution to sell Airtime, Electricity and vendor voucher stock.
A few years ago Netgen developed the current POS systems and back-end integration used by PAV telecoms but with the advancement of technology and it make the transaction process easier it was decided to update the system used.
The challenge for Netgen this time was to use the same credit card size technology but at the same time also integrate into a normal Keyboard so merchants could do Rica Sim Activations. After having new drivers designed to interact with this device Netgen managed to get the USB keyboard interface operational.
This means that merchants can now vend and issue vouchers as well as RICA sim Cards all from only one devise making the whole process much simpler and efficient.Main Menu
PAV Telecoms merchants are very excited about the new technology as the units are portable and the battery powered keyboard and device make this truly a mobile device. The system connects to the main PAV Telecoms system using GPRS SIM Cards and also has full encryption and security to protect the merchant from theft and unauthorised access.
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