5 features to make your app stand out

With nearly 3 million apps in the Google Play Store and 2 million in the Apple App Store, it’s important that your app stands out. There are many factors that contribute to an app’s success, and the five mobile app features below are ones that any app can benefit from.

  1. Ease of use – Getting a user to download your app is only the first hurdle. The next challenge is to keep them using your app. 25% of apps are uninstalled after just one launch, which is often due to a frustrating user experience. This can be avoided by making sure your app is easy to use.
  1. Screen compatibility – There is a wide variety when it comes to screen sizes, resolutions and pixel density. You need to cater for all of these when designing the layout of your app so that it looks and feels good on any device. Be sure to take advantage of the extra screen real estate offered by foldable phones, which are poised to be the next big thing for smartphones.
  1. Feedback – Your users should have an easy way to give feedback from within the app, and you should use this feedback when planning updates. User feedback is invaluable, as it comes straight from your target audience. This can reveal bugs that were missed in testing, and show you what you are doing right and wrong.
  1. Avoid draining the battery – Battery life is precious and users are quick to uninstall an app that drains the battery, especially if the drain is happening in the background. Make sure your app is optimised for this.
  1. Updates and new features that make sense – There are many examples of developers taking away popular features, or adding new ones that just don’t resonate with their audience. Any changes you make to your app should be made with your users in mind. Don’t take away features unless absolutely necessary, and don’t waste time and resources on new features that aren’t going to be used.

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