Four Types of Software Development Risks and How to Manage Them

Every development project, whether it is a mobile application, web development or custom software, involves some degree of risk. These risks can vary depending on the nature of the project but they are generally arranged into four groups. Below we’ll help you navigate them by offering you practical solutions.

#1 Budget Risk

Going over the budget seems to be the most common risks tied to development.

Solution: During product development as the project progresses, goals and objectives may change which is why it’s vital for developers to not present detailed plans in the beginning but rather make product decisions when they are in the best position to make them. When you follow this route, you are able to make informed decisions by the progression of the product. This reduces the budget risk because you won’t waste resources or time replanning.

#2 Absent Personnel Risk

The risk of the project coming to a halt because of the absence of team members.

Solution: Make your teams bigger so that more than one team member share their knowledge, plan and complete code reviews. Allow them to work together from start to finish on a given project. By following this route, you can give team members the opportunity to take on tasks seamlessly should somebody leave the team or be absent.

#3 Productivity Risk

Common in longer projects, the environment creates a deficit of urgency of work.

Solution:  Establish development phases to create a demo version within a certain timeframe. This will help establish actionable goals and short term objectives to increase productivity in the short term. It also helps reduce complacency by breaking the project into smaller, more manageable assignments.

#4 Time Risks

Time risks happen due to unrealistic timelines, poor planning, perfection complex or the failure to adjust to shifting product requirements.

Solution: To eliminate this risk, proper planning is necessary as well as setting realistic timelines. But most important of all, a flexible process it the best way to deal with the elements of time riks.

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