From the Directors desk

The directors have spent the weekend planning around the COVID-19 Virus to minimise the risks to our team and also to ensure that we remain 100% available to our clients on support and work. We have for a period been having our teams work remotely on projects so we are well placed to extend this. This has worked effectively through all three offices and from today we are allowing all teams to work remotely and not be in the office. We had already put in place VPN’s and security systems to ensure that all work is protected and checked into secure source code repositories. Our support systems for tickets are monitored 24/7 and we have increased our capacity here for assigning and responding to tickets if the need were to arise.

Our teams remain 100% available as they are at present, irrespective of where they are. Our Netgen support teams are also physically separate, and these teams will remain physically separated during the health crisis as all travel between our geographic offices is now suspended.

We have, furthermore, been in contact with clients where we have scheduled physical meetings to request that these be adjusted to remote meetings. This will further help minimise the risks and spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are monitoring the situation on a day to day basis and have trained our teams on the recommended precautions and the need to self-isolate where necessary in order to mitigate business risk. We are well placed at Netgen to work through this difficult time and we are taking all precautions.

We remain 100% committed to our clients and our teams are available to assist any way we can. All schedules are in effect as normal and our directors are available to discuss and concerns or work you require. In a few cases we are also helloing clients adjust systems and add modules to allow remote work for some staff. If there is a way we can assist you here or you need advice please call on any of us.

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