Getting the right keywords for your website

SEO keywords are words that are scanned by search engines and used to determine how well your website matches what users are searching for. The better the match, the higher up it’s displayed in the search results – making it more likely that the user will visit your site.

These keywords and phrases are an essential part of search engine optimisation. Using the right keywords can make all the difference in whether or not a user sees your website, and whether or not they visit it.

How do you find keywords?

  1. People also ask – Google has a feature called “People also ask.” When you use Google to search for a term, the search engine will return a list of similar queries. You can use this tool to your advantage by searching for terms your customers are likely to use. You will then see a list of other terms customers use that you may not have thought of, which you can then incorporate into your keywords.
  1. Social media – Perusing social media platforms and forums related to your business can be a good way to find questions asked by people in your target audience. Once you know the questions being asked and the language being used, you can tailor your keywords to fit.
  1. Software solutions – You can make use of web-based applications that allow you to see the ranking of keywords related to your business. These keywords can be those used by customers to find your business, as well as your competitors’. With these solutions, you can uncover keywords you may not have thought of.
  1. Trends – Including trending topics in your SEO keywords is a good way to give your business a boost. You can use Google Trends or look at what is trending social media platforms, as these usually show the current topics. Not only will using these trends drive up traffic, but it also makes your business seem more relevant and aware.

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