How A Small Business Benefits From Custom Software

There are several key areas that concern a small business in a way that their larger counterparts just don’t quite understand. Firstly, your time, and the time of your employees, really is money. Additionally, the margins on a smaller enterprise are often so slim that even the slightest hiccup in a process can cost you a lot.

So, how exactly can spending money on a custom software solution for your small business be the right answer when something off the shelf costs less? It’s simple really. A programme that’s built for your needs specifically will make the way you work more efficient. It’s something that a one-size-fits all solution can never fully do. We’ve seen it happen time and again with our clients here at Netgen.


It’s easy to see the Return on Investment (ROI) when you look at what you get from custom software:

  1. An improvement in the way you work – A custom software solution can cover the entire operational processes of your business, or it can simply streamline one element. Whatever you need, you’ll find that by getting a programme that is built just for your specific requirements, you are making your business more efficient. Employees are able to do things not only faster, but better.
  2. A competitive edge – Having a bespoke solution can help you to provide the best customer experience you can. This puts you at a distinct advantage over even large operations that offer the same product or service as you do. Customers will always approve of efficient service and are more likely to recommend you to their friends and remain loyal to your business if you give them a good experience.
  3. A solution that moves with you – The key to custom software is that it can grow with a company. This is crucial to any small business because they are far more likely and able to change than a large corporation with set structures and corporate methods. Even if you aren’t planning to grow into something large and want to keep your company the size it is, you can still benefit from an adaptable solution. The world of technology changes rapidly, and a flexible custom programme can keep up with this to ensure that your business stays relevant and up to date.


There’s no way to hide from the fact that custom software does cost more. It’s also often a lengthier process from start to deployment. However, it will give you a solution that makes your business more efficient. This will free up time to focus on growth or perfecting your product. All you need is the right partner to build your bespoke programme.

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