How different industries are using mobile apps

Browse any platform’s mobile app store and you’ll come across a huge variety of apps. There are tools like calculators, games, social media platforms, shopping apps, media platforms, banking apps and more. Industries in every sector are using mobile apps to connect with customers and to give employees the tools they need to work effectively.

While developing an app was once seen as an optional extra for companies, customers now expect to be able to download a mobile app in order to browse goods and services, earn rewards, receive news and notifications, make purchases, etc.

Let’s explore some of the ways that different industries are using mobile apps:

  • Retail

Consumers are able to use apps to browse and order goods, as well as earn and redeem rewards in store. Retailers benefit by using apps to spread brand awareness and collect useful consumer data.

  • Entertainment

The entertainment industry has been transformed by mobile apps. Millions of people around the world have replaced traditional television with streaming apps on their mobile devices and smart televisions, and gaming is the most popular category in the app store.

  • Healthcare

Doctors are able to provide virtual consultations via mobile apps. They’re also able to access detailed information about their patients through the use of health apps. Fitness apps help users track their fitness and weightloss, and gamifying the process is helping people reach their goals.

  • Hospitality

This is another industry that has been transformed by smartphones. The convenience of ordering food for delivery on your phone has resulted in huge success for these types of apps.

  • Logistics

Mobile apps provide a quick and easy way to track shipments, check schedules and receive notifications. Businesses and individuals benefits greatly from this kind of on-the-go information.

  • Finance

Banks have embraced apps, which provide their clients with a secure way to instantly check account balances and approve or reject online payments. Through the use of near-field communication (NFC), users can also pay at till points using their smartphones.

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