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How Safe Is Your Business Info

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How do you protect your business and customer information? Is it stored on a backup somewhere on your property? Do you keep a copy offsite? If you rely on storing business info only on your computer or server, you might lose precious info when load shedding strikes.

Load shedding, a term all South Africans are too familiar with these days! These blackouts aren’t very kind to your appliances and technical equipment. The reason for this is the power surges afterwards — when the electricity finally comes back on. When too much electricity flows through your electronics it could break down, overheat, and even catch fire. In short, load shedding can damage or completely destroy plugged-in devices causing you to lose all your information.

How Can I Keep Business My Information Safe?

One of the most innovative developments in recent years is the accessibility and convenience of cloud services. Thus, the best solution is to find a cloud-based data storage provider where valuable information can be saved in the cloud. Cloud backup technology is extremely cost-efficient while also being safe and scalable.

As an authorised service provider of Acronis Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Cloud, Netgen offers safe and secure data solutions to protect your information at all times. If anything were to go wrong — a flood, fire, theft or constant load shedding — your data will be secure and quick to recover. Protecting your information has never been easier.

Benefits of cloud-based backup and storage:

  • No investment required for infrastructure
  • Zero maintenance
  • Fast and effective data recovery
  • More reliable than CD back up

Switching to the Cloud

With so many benefits associated with cloud backup and recovery, it’s weird how there are still businesses who rely on outdated systems – or worse, no data back up solution at all. If you’d like to speak to an expert about how cloud backup solutions could benefit your business, feel free to talk to the team at Netgen. Give us a call today!