How to Build a Mobile App and Make Money

It’s no secret that smartphones are one of the most impressive inventions of our generation. Not only can it be used to communicate calls and messaging, but it can also store thousands of images and videos, and give access to millions of applications.

There’s an app for everything – fitness, cooking, banking, shopping, gaming, dating – you name it, you can find it in an app store. One of the biggest reasons, other than making your business services easily accessible, is to make money. So if you have a business or a great idea for a mobile app, here’s how you should go about in making it a reality.

Seeing as you already have the idea, determine its niche (the category it will fall into). Look at similar apps to determine their business model – how they make money. Is it through in-app purchases, a once-off upfront payment or a subscription model?

Typically, gaming apps should offer a free download but with in-app purchases. Dating, fitness or cooking apps work better when the download is free but a subscription model is put in place. A paid app will only work if there is a loyal “fanbase” or where trust has already been established with the user.

A final way to make money from your app is to use advertisements. This will typically work for e-commerce sites and social apps. The concept here is partner up with a brand, attract a large amount of traffic to your app and thus their website, in order to generate revenue.

It’s true, your unique idea might already have been used as an app but don’t let that deter you. Instead, make it better than what’s already available.

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