How To Measure App Performance And Ensure Happy Users

Happy app users are notorious for enhanced engagement which can lead to more spending. Additionally, if they are satisfied, they will promote your app to family and friends. Ultimately, happy app users become loyal customers and brand advocates. They are more likely to forgive you for the occasional app issues.

Measuring User Happiness

User happiness is a challenging metric to measure, despite being the most important element. So, how do you determine user happiness?

A starting point would be measuring engagement metrics like average session intervals, retention rate and total lifetime value. This will give you a good idea of how happy your users are.

Other ways to measure user happiness include surveys and feedback forms. You can determine how satisfied they are by asking them for feedback.

Increasing User Happiness

Now that you know whether your users are happy (or not), you can make the necessary improvements to increase their happiness. Below are three basic principles to follow:

Get the Job Done

There’s a reason users downloaded your app and your job is to help them address that reason fast and effectively. If you can help them accomplish their goal, users will love your app.

Always Be Available

Phone support, live chat, social media — make yourself accessible to users where and when they need you. If they have trouble finding what they need and you’re not available to help, they may not forgive you for the bad experience.

Maintain Your App

If you want to keep your users happy, make sure your app works flawlessly. Regular maintenance will include keeping it up to speed, no data leaks, no bugs and crashes and quick loading times. At Netgen we believe in building apps that make users happy. If you need mobile app developer and wish to work with industry professionals, we’d be happy to assist. For a free quote, get in touch with Netgen today!

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