How your app can impact your business growth

With a forecast of 23.3 million smartphone users in South Africa by the end of 2020, it’s easy to see why so many companies are looking to go mobile. Getting a mobile app for business is a sensible choice in today’s world. In fact, getting an app is one of the fastest ways to grow your business and enjoy some remarkable ROI.

3 benefits of a mobile app

So how exactly can a mobile app help your business to grow? It’s all about giving more to your customers in terms of value, accessibility and your commitment to them. All of this leads to happier customers, which leads to more sales for you. A business mobile app can provide:

  1. Constant brand recognition – You know how much time you spend on your smartphone, going through your apps, on an everyday basis. Each time you do, the branded apps that you swipe past are reminding you constantly that they exist. Your app will be doing exactly the same thing to each person who downloads it.
  2. Better direct marketing – You will gain a direct line of communication with your customers when they download your app. You can send push notifications to each person about sales, deals, promotions, new products or services – anything you want really. It’s also possible to send notifications based on people’s profiles and locations. For example, if they live close to a particular branch, you can send them information about just that store or outlet.
  3. More accessibility for customers – This direct line of communication works both ways. Your customers now have a new way to contact you that’s familiar and comfortable for them. If they can get their queries answered quickly and conveniently, that will definitely boost customer confidence in your brand.

Let us help you grow your business

Growing your business is easy with the right tools, and a mobile app for your business is definitely the right tool to get in 2020. At Netgen, our developers are ready to help you build the app you need. Get in touch today for a quote

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