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InFitness website gets a real workout!

By May 15, 2015 No Comments

Netgen has recently transformed the InFitness website, giving it a complete make-over in terms of look and feel and functionality.
InFitness’ pay-off line is – Innovative, Independent, Intelligent and International Fitness – and their website needed an upgrade to reflect this vision. The old site was looking a bit tired and out of date. Netgen used the lautf8_general_ci WordPress technology to create a visually appealing website with functionality to make it easy for visitors to interact and find the information they are looking for.
The InFitness team is passionate about helping personal trainers become successful business owners. With this in mind Netgen’s client management software system Club Central has partnered with InFitness to offer a mentorship programme which combines business knowledge with experience to guide personal trainer on how to grow their business and live the dream.
InFitness offers top internationally recognised fitness training courses for personal trainers, all courses successfully completed contribute to trainers CPD points and in making the fitness industry a professional one. InFitness also manages and consults to gyms and offer a recruitment service to the fitness industry.
The new website needed to reflect these services. InFitness also wanted to make sure that the site was interactive so Netgen added a Calendar which is updated with upcoming classes and training sessions which are held around the country. The site also has an interactive recruitment section where people can add Job vacancies and where trainers can add CV’s if they are looking for a job. Netgen is also in the process of integrating a secure payment gateway so that trainers can pay for the course online making the whole process simple and stress free.
See the website here: