The Internet of Things and your business

The Internet of Things (IoT) seems like a big concept, but it’s actually quite easy to explain. It’s merely connecting devices – machines and appliances – to the internet so that they can communicate with you and with each other. This use of technology has become quite commonplace without us even knowing it.

We have smart homes now, where we can control our heating system from our phones or view a live feed from our home security camera on our computers while at work. Fridges can tell us when we’re out of milk and sprinklers can be activated based on the weather forecast on a mobile app. It’s quite amazing how connected we can be these days.

How does this improve business?

The benefits of having every part of your business connected to the internet and to each other are incredible:

  1. Reduce your downtime – Essentially, every element and process in your business can have a digital mirror. You’ll be able to see your entire product workflow or a representation of each machine on your floor outlined on a digital map on your computer. If anything malfunctions, you can pinpoint exactly where the problem is and set about fixing it straight away. You can even set your system to alert you to any reduction in output or changes to the machinery, which could lead to failure if not fixed.
  2. Boost your productivity – With everything connected, you’ll be able to monitor workflow and processes within your company’s structure. This information is invaluable with helping management to improve processes or see where lags are occurring. You can track both your employees and your machinery and technology to see what can be improved and how. The data can also be tracked in real time, meaning you can instantly see how effective your changes are.
  3. Understand your customers better – When you connect your products to each other and to the internet, you can actually track customer behaviour related to your company. Obviously, the only reason for connecting your product to the IoT can’t be just to track customer behaviour. There must be a reason for this connection that is a benefit to them. However, the side effect of this is that you can see stats like how often the product is used and how it is functioning, allowing you to build better services around the product.

Get started with embedded systems

At Netgen, we have created numerous custom software solutions that allow mainstream devices and bespoke hardware to get connected to the IoT with ease. It’s all about assisting you with streamlining your business processes and getting more out of your technology. Contact us to find out more about how this can impact your business.

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