Invest in custom software and web development from Netgen that offers 0% downtime.

Operating out of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Amsterdam, as well as servicing clients in the UK, Zimbabwe and other African countries, the phenomenal expansion of Netgen since its inception in 2000 is attributed to our ability to provide South African designed Custom Software and Web Design to an ever-growing, fast-paced web industry.

Recognising early on that there was a large demand to meet the ever-increasing growth of the online industry related to custom application software at reasonable rates, Netgen has grown into a stable company supported by a team of project managers, technical developers and mobile developers.

The level of service and innovation that our expert team at Netgen can provide ensures that each customer receives the same level of support, committed to providing Custom Software and Web Design that offers the essential 0% downtime due to our advanced mirror software and switch over.

Loss of profits is the inevitable result of downtime caused by software that malfunctions when you least need it to. The team at Netgen places great value on delivering a high standard of custom software and web development, which allows us to remain at the forefront of our industry after more than 20 years of experience.

The stability of the company has allowed Netgen to collect a talented team of young IT professionals as we have expanded on our custom software development into the .net and web environment.

Because Netgen branches are all interconnected, we are available to offer quick client liaison without having to travel between the main centres, which means that you will not have to experience the frustration of being left hanging for a response or solution from our team.

Netgen has covered all bases by having a full development team in the Western Cape, Gauteng and Amsterdam offices with phones and networks that are also interconnected to the hosting centres, allowing us to provide full support capabilities, which is core to our success in custom applications and web design for the computer industry.

If you are looking for a company that you can trust and rely on to deliver the perfect custom applications or web design then please feel free to contact our team for expert guidance.

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