Is your custom software keeping up in 2022?

Is your custom software keeping up in 2022?

Some of the benefits of going with a custom software solution is that it’s scalable, so it can grow with your business. Custom software also allows you to innovate and create something unique to your business. However, you can’t just create a solution once-off and leave it – you have to ensure that you’re keeping up with the trends and the changes around you.

The biggest thing to ask yourself is if your custom software is working for you right now, in 2022? It needs to still work for your business requirements as they change over time.

You should take note of trends in 2022, as these can be applied to your custom software to ensure that you are keeping up with the competition.

Custom software 2022 trends

  • Remote working – In 2019, in response to the COVID -19 pandemic, many companies around the world began allowing employees to work from home either full time or part-time in a hybrid model. In 2022, telecommuting is still widely practiced, and is a priority for many people looking for jobs. Your custom software should be designed with remote working in mind.
  • Cloud migration – The cloud has been a buzzword for a few years now, and cloud-based software is only becoming more ubiquitous as time goes by. Consider moving your custom software to the cloud where it can be used remotely.
  • Data science – More and more companies are using data from customers, app usage, sales, etc. to enhance the customer experience and to forecast business developments. Your custom software should be able to collect relevant data whilst still complying with the POPI Act and other data collection regulations.
  • AI and machine learning – Your custom software could benefit from artificial intelligence or machine learning. For example, chat bots can assist with customer queries.

‘Tis (almost) the season

Scary as it may seem, it’s worth noting that we are heading into the second half of 2022 already. Online retailers, especially, should be planning for events like Black Friday, the festive season gift-buying rush, and other holidays or events that impact your calendar. How does this impact your custom software? You may need to ensure it can cope with a sudden spike in the number of concurrent users and the number of orders placed.

Get expert assistance

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